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In the top... out the end!
Welcome to The Compost Revolution! SUN-MAR's line of garden composters feature the bio-drum technology their composting toilets are known for. To learn more about the technology, click here.
SUN-MAR Garden Composters
How to Buy

The SUN-MAR range of garden composters consists of two models, the SUN-MAR 200 and the SUN-MAR 400.

In addition SUN-MAR has some unique accessory products specifically developed to accelerate the activity of aerobic bacteria in any backyard composter.

These products are available through a variety of dealers or by visiting the Sun-Mar store

To get more information or to order a catalog or find a dealer near you please contact Sun-Mar at 1-888-341-0782.

Enhance your compost!
Compost Swift is a specially formulated mixture of aerobic bacteria and enzymes designed to help speed compost activity in garden composters. Click here to learn more about Compost Swift.
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