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In the top... out the end!
Welcome to The Compost Revolution! SUN-MAR's line of garden composters feature the bio-drum technology their composting toilets are known for. To learn more about the technology, click here.
SUN-MAR Garden Composters
How to Buy

The SUN-MAR range of garden composters consists of three models, the SUN-MAR 200, the  SUN-MAR 400.

In addition SUN-MAR is marketing “Compost Swift” a specially developed natural product, formulated to speed the activity of aerobic bacteria in any backyard composter.

These products are currently available via catalog, and through dealers. Online availability will be featured shortly.

To get more information or to order a catalog or find a dealer near you please contact Sun-Mar at 1-888-341-0782.

Enhance your compost!
Compost Swift is a specially formulated mixture of aerobic bacteria and enzymes designed to help speed compost activity in garden composters. Click here to learn more about Compost Swift.
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