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Welcome to The Compost Revolution! SUN-MAR's line of garden composters feature the bio-drum technology their composting toilets are known for. To learn more about the technology, click here.

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Compost Swift

Compost Swift is a mixture of aerobic bacteria and enzymes, specifically formulated to speed the activity of aerobic bacteria in any backyard composter.

Compost Swift is in concentrate form in a special dose controlling 32 oz bottle.

  Compost Magic

Compost Magic dramatically speeds up composting in a SUN-MAR Garden Composter. Compost Magic is a 100% natural and non-toxic bulking material made from coconut waste, which is dried and compressed for easy transportation, storage and handling.

Compost Magic Features

  1. Retains Moisture: It has outstanding water retention capacity which helps to keep the compost moist.
  2. Holds Oxygen: It maintains porosity which avoids saturated conditions, and retains free air space (oxygen) within the compost.
  3. Provides a Carbon Source: It provides a carbon source for compost which has too much green (nitrogen rich) material.
  4. Breaks Up Waste: It assists in mechanically breaking up the compost as the drum rotates.

    Non-Composting Uses
    Compost Magic makes an ideal growing medium. It also offers protection against plants drying out in summer, and suffering frost damage in winter.

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