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In the top... out the end!
Welcome to the compost revolution!

With SUN-MAR’s line of garden composters, material is put in at the top and then moves continuously through the unit before exiting out the end as the drum rotates.
Assembly is easy!
Because so few pieces are used the SUN-MAR 200 can be assembled in 2 minutes and the 400 in 5 minutes. Tell us how long it took you!
SUN-MAR Garden Composters

SUN-MAR’s Garden Composters incorporate our patented double drum Autoflow® design. With Autoflow®, material goes in the top and compost exits out the end as the drum rotates.

As the drum rotates, compost moves along the outer drum and then back through the inner drum before dropping from the output port.

The Unique Features of SUN-MAR’s Autoflow® technology includes:

  • compost discharges automatically
  • no waiting for compost batches to finish
  • pest resistant
  • easy loading and turning of the composter

Video of Sun-Mar 400 in use

Composting for 25 years!
As the acknowledged leader in the field of composting toilets, we at SUN-MAR know that the best way to compost is to use a rotating drum. We have been using a rotating Bio-drum in our composting toilets for over 25 years!

Enhance your compost!
Compost Swift is a specially formulated mixture of aerobic bacteria and enzymes designed to help speed compost activity in garden composters. Click here to learn more about Compost Swift.
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